Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

cinta diibaratkan

I do not want you to become Mentari if only half the time my decision I did not want me to be just as the moon if I'm alternation, and you do not want to become a star because eventually you will be lost in the thunder rain.
but I want you to be heaven as something that I always see.
as something that is always there
as something perfect in the "simplicity '

Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

ucapan mau tidur dan kangen

I love my longing limited
harmed by the distance and power
where I take this nostalgia
always wanting a prank
you listen to my heart murmur
always mention your name
I listened to my nostalgic singsong
The organization beautiful for you
good nigth have a nice dream

Selasa, 16 Desember 2008

like love

make love as the fireworks
although short, but all will admire the beauty
and make love as a candle willing destroyed
for the sake of the people we love

Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

ucapn mau tidur

good ngorok semoga dicium kodok
bangun paginya nyium tembok
sampai-sampai giginya rontok
selamt malam dan dan selamat bobok
semaga nyamuk yang gigit kamu pada mabuk


relung jiwa mengintai indah
untukmu berhiaskan mimpi indah
tersirat berkat fana yang menarik indah
berbait rindu dibalut khayal berbaris kasih sayang
bermahkotakan cahya berisikan rasa cinta .....

puisi ucapan ulang tahun

Day by day, slowly but surely
Today I go to a new peak of the ladder
Because I will open a new sheet
For the remaining quota of new trouble ...

Autumn leaves one-one
All happened because God permits
Trouble increasing one-one
All happened because God permits

But ... I try to prove forth
In fact, I still owe a lot
Yes, we owe ...
Because ibadahku still barely ...

Kuraba my forehead ...
Astagfirullah, sujudku still far from humble
I weighed my desire ....
Well ... still greater my worldly

Yes ... God.
Will I still meet and date the same month in the year ahead?
Will I still feel this sense, and on the same month in the year ahead?
I'm still not been given the opportunity?

Yes ... God.
I ask my weaknesses my sorrow
Astagfirullah ...drops is a sign kelemahank
A sense of depth is

If you allow servants to meet next year
Allow this hambaMU, starting today in the more devout worship ...
Weights world and the Hereafter servants balanced ...
So that worshipers can be perfect as khalifahMu ...

Servants want to see your face is in there ...
Servants want to see a very green in there ...
O Allah,

allow it ... ..

Dedicated to the people who Celebrate the definite Cycle on their life ....

MA, Jkt - 2006, Old files ....

Notes: If you need this for poetry lovers hearts, relatives, friends, or anyone you want to send - please use. If you copy these poems in your blog, please include its source. Poetry written by my own and not the work of others (anyone is). Stay sema


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